Neil Robertson

Neil Robertson is a prolific and powerful singer/songwriter based in Melbourne, Australia. Neil has been performing and recording both as a solo artist and with a number of rock bands and folk outfits since the early 1990s. He is influenced by a wide range of blues, roots, rock and pop music and has hundreds of songs in his back catalogue. He has played countless gigs and recorded and released thirteen independent recordings, including solo releases Welcome To Your Life (1991), Galaxy (1992) and Deep In My Mind (1994), Buzz (1998) and The Blowflies (1999) with original band The Blowflies, Hercules E.P. (2001) and Hypercynical (2002) with original band Hercules and album Issue #1 (2004) with duo Androgyny.

In 2008, Neil released his self produced and recorded debut full length solo album, Wake Up The Dead, then followed up with EPs with folk trio Unsung (2009), rock trio Kings and Thieves (2012) as well as full length album with folk project Unsung Heroes of Australian History (2011). He continues to write, record, produce and release original music. He has written and performed a successful solo comedy cabaret show for Melbourne Fringe and is an experienced studio engineer and producer.   

He has worked as a geologist, environmental scientist, project manager, audio engineer, youth worker, music workshop facilitator and high school physics teacher. He currently runs the Decibels Youth Music Studio in Melbourne’s north, where he is the Team Leader for Studio, Music and Arts, overseeing a team running a recording studio and music industry training and programs for young people of diverse backgrounds to help them get a start in their music careers.

Neil (lead vocals and guitar) fronts NeRV, which also features Nikki Finn on drums and also at times features his Sydney based brothers Tim (sax, stand up kit) and Jack (bass).  The set list includes some of the many songs in his back catalogue, and a heap of new original tunes.  NeRV released its self titled debut album in 2017 and are currently working on a follow up release. They perform regularly on the local Melbourne scene. 


Neil Young, Midnight Oil, Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Indigo Girls, Tori Amos, REM, Ben Folds, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Nick Cave, The Stones, Queen, Foo Fighters, Jack White, Paul Kelly, Hunters and Collectors, Gillian Welch, Mercury Rev   

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