The Neil Robertson Venture (NeRV) is an all original musical project based around the songs of the Melbourne based singer/songwriter, collaborating with a number of local musicians. 

Neil Robertson
Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Harmonica

Neil Robertson is a singer/songwriter/producer based in Melbourne, Australia. He has been performing and recording both as a solo artist and with a number of rock bands and folk outfits since the early 1990s. 

In 2015 he formed NeRV with brother Tim to continue to write, record, produce and perform original music, in collaboration with other musicians.  NeRV released its debut self-titled album in 2017 and performs regularly on the local Melbourne scene.

Nikki Finn
Drums and Percussion

Nikki Finn is a self-taught drummer who joined NeRV in late 2017 after moving to Melbourne from Adelaide, where she had most recently performed with a number of original bands. 

Tim Robertson
Sax, Stand-Up Drums, Vocals

Tim Robertson is a multi-instrumentalist with a diverse professional life.  He has performed with several bands in Newcastle and Perth.  Currently flying helicopters in Sydney.

Jack Robertson
Bass, Vocals 

Jack Robertson is a multi-instrumentalist and writer based in Sydney. Currently playing bass with The Grateful Dads.


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